Daddy Only Groups

Session content

This is a group course to allow Daddy some much needed bonding time with baby. Although we know you wont be far away, It allows mummy some much needed time off to enjoy a quiet coffee or get your nails done in the 1:30hrs the course runs for.

Daddy will learn the techniques to gently and safely massage baby with a group of other daddies in the same position.

Suitable for..

6 Weeks to crawling

Your options

Drop me a message using the form below and I will get back to you. There needs to be a minimum of 6 dads for the course to run.

Baby Massage

Baby massage will teach you the fully body massage including how to properly massage the chest, tummy, legs, back and head. You will also learn the theory behind the movements and which techniques are better for which parts of the body.

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga focusses on the range of movements around babies joints. The yoga is a series of very gentle stretches and movements designed to develop their proprioception (body awareness), flexibility and strength, all done to fun songs and music.

What do I need?

Just Daddy and baby. Mats, towels and oils are provided. We use only organic cold pressed sunflower oil as this contains no added chemicals or preservatives and is the safest for babies skin.

Course Cost

£25 per session. Includes oil and a step by step guide to keep.

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