Baby Massage, Yoga & Reflexology at Home

Session content

This is a family focussed session where you will learn Baby Massage and Yoga in the comfort of your own home. You will learn the techniques to gently and safely massage your baby with close family in a familiar setting.

Usual attendance for these sessions is baby, mum, dad and sometimes granny.

Your options

One session will cover either Baby Massage or Baby Yoga. Most people opt for 1 of each.

Baby Massage

Baby massage will teach you the fully body massage including how to properly massage the chest, tummy, legs, back and head. You will also learn the theory behind the movements and which techniques are better for which parts of the body.

Baby Yoga

Baby yoga focusses on the range of movements around babies joints. The yoga is a series of very gentle stretches and movements designed to develop their proprioception (body awareness), flexibility and strength, all done to fun songs and music.

Baby Reflexology

The Children's Reflexology Programme, you will learn a powerful skill for life. Simple reflexology including special protocols for a variety of situations, such as: teething, Reflux, constipation, pre and post-immunisation also stress and anxiety

What do I need?

A room of your home, yourself and baby. Mats, towels and oils are provided. We use only organic cold pressed sunflower oil as this contains no added chemicals or preservatives and is the safest for babies skin.

Course Cost

£50 per session (covering Zones 1 & 2). Includes oil and a step by step guide to keep.

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